Report on International Seminar on Geomagnetism

I would like to inform IAGA that we have conducted successfully the seminar which has been attended by 40 experts on geomagnetism including 7 foreign participants from Australia , Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, and Timor Leste. The participants came from various ministries, agencies universities, educational communities, scientists and professionals, and private sectors.

On behalf of my agency I appreciate very much for IAGA support . Herewith I send the recommendations made at the seminar. We are preparing the proceedings of the seminar that will be sent to all participants and IAGA.

M. Husni
8 December 2004



Recommendation I: People awareness on the need of geomagnetic data

Recognizing the importance of the geomagnetic data that can be used to understand the behavior of the earth and to apply in the future to support the human being welfare, science, and economic development,

Mindful of the fact that the geomagnetism is not yet well developed by people to support their activities,

Firmly convinced that raising the awareness of the public official, decision makers, professional, public community with respect to geomagnetic data and their applications.

Recommend the preparation of publication of leaflets, books, popular news for public, school children and disseminate them appropriately.

Recommendation II: Establishing scientific link for data, information and expert exchange


  • Geomagnetic monitoring (permanent network, repeat station)
  • Data base on geomagnetic and software development
  • Scientist and observer exchange
  • Website on geomagnetic
  • Geomagnetic Data Center
  • Cooperation among institutions nationally and internationally

Recommendation III: Establishing a group for

  • Instrument development
  • Hazard mitigation
  • Conducting workshop / seminar periodically
  • Reference model for Indonesia
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