IAGA Resolutions 1963 - 2021

Resolutions are a formal means for IAGA to express a view on a scientific matter, usually with the intention of influencing an external agency. Support is often expressed for new scientific initiatives under consideration by national or international agencies that will benefit IAGA science, for example. Resolutions are generally brought forward through Working Group and Divisional Business Meetings to the final meeting of the Conference of Delegates where they are debated, often amended, and either approved or rejected.

All IAGA Resolutions that listed below, can also be downloaded as PDF document. French versions of IAGA Resolutions are published in appropriate IAGA news.

Note that further IUGG resolutions exist from the IUGG General Assemblies, some of which are also relevant for IAGA.

28th IUGG General Assembly in Berlin, Germany, July 2023

These resolutions will be published in IAGA News No. 60 in December 2023.

IAGA-IASPEI Joint Scientific Assembly, Hyderabad (virtual), August 2021

These resolutions are published in IAGA News No. 58 in December 2021.

27th IUGG General Assembly in Montreal, Canada, July 2019

These resolutions are published in IAGA News No. 56 in December 2019.

IAPSO - IAMAS - IAGA joint Assembly, Cape Town, August / September 2017

These resolutions are published in IAGA News No. 55 in December 2018.

26th IUGG General Assembly, Prague, July 2015

Only IUGG resolutions but no IAGA resolution resulted from this assembly.  

12th IAGA Scientific Assembly, Merida, Mexico, August 2013

IAGA News, December 2013, No.50, p.7-9.

XXV IUGG General Assembly, Melbourne, July 2011

IAGA News, December 2011, No.48, p.5-6.

11th IAGA Scientific Assembly, Sopron, Hungary, 2009

IAGA News, December 2009, No.46, p. 4-6.

XXIV IUGG General Assembly, Perugia, July 2007

IAGA News, December 2007, No.44, p. 5.
IAGA approved resolutions, proposed to and accepted by IUGG in Perugia, July 2007

10th IAGA Scientific Assembly, Toulouse, July 2005

IAGA News, December 2005, No.42, p. 4-5.

XXIII IUGG General Assembly, Sapporo, July 2003

9th IAGA Scientific Assembly, Hanoi, August 2001

XXII IUGG General Assembly, Birmingham, August 1999

IAGA News, December 1999, No.39, p. 17-19

8th IAGA Scientific Assembly, Uppsala, August 1997

IAGA News, December 1997, No.37, p.17-22

XXI IUGG General Assembly, Boulder, USA, 1995

IAGA News, December 1995, No.34

7th IAGA Scientific Assembly, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1993

IAGA News, December 1993, No.32

XX IUGG General Assembly, Vienna, 1991

IAGA News, December 1991, No.30

6th IAGA Scientific Assembly, Exeter, UK, 1989

IAGA News, March 1990, No.28

IXX IUGG General Assembly, Vancouver, Canada, 1987

IAGA News, December 1987, No.26

IUGG Resolutions (1987)

5th IAGA Scientific Assembly, Prague, 1985

IAGA News, November 1985, No.24

XVIII IUGG General Assembly, Hamburg, 1983

IAGA News, February 1984, No.22

4th IAGA Scientific Assembly, Edinburgh, UK, 1981

IAGA News, December 1981, No.20

XVII IUGG General Assembly, Canberra, December 1979

IAGA News, February 1980, No.18

3th IAGA Scientific Assembly, Seattle, 1977

IAGA News No.16, December 1977, p 52-60

XVI IUGG General Assembly, Grenoble, 1975

See IAGA News No.14, 1975, p 3-14

2nd IAGA Scientific Assembly, Kyoto, 1973

IAGA News, September 1973, No.12

XV IUGG General Assembly, Moscow, 1971

IAGA News, August 1971, No.10

1st IAGA Scientific Assembly, Madrid, 1969

IAGA News, September 1969, No.8

XIV IUGG General Assembly, Switzerland, 1967

IAGA Resolutions approved in St. Gall

IUGG Resolutions (Resolutions passed by IAGA at its meeting in St. Gall and later approved as IUGG Resolutions in Z├╝rich. The Resolution numbers are the IUGG numbers.)

4th UN Regional Cartographic Conference for Asia and the Far East, Manila, December 1964

XIII IUGG General Assembly, Berkeley, 1963

IAGA Resolutions (The following Resolutions were approved by the IAGA at the XIII General Assembly of IUGG held at Berkeley, California, USA August 1963.)

IAGA-IAMAP Resolutions (The following Resolutions, which originated in the IAGA-IAMAP Joint Committee on Lunar Effects, were favourably considered by both of the parent Associations at the XIII General Assembly held at Berkeley, California, 1963.)

IUGG Resolutions (The following Resolutions were passed by the IAGA and were later approved by the IUGG as Union Resolutions. The Resolution numbers are the official IUGG numbers.)

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