First International Workshop on Long-Term Changes and Trends in the Atmosphere

Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune, India, February 16-19, 1999

Approximately 90 scientists and students enjoyed a productive 4 days of review talks, research reports and discussions. The concluding session of the Workshop was a panel chaired by Dr. Hartmut Grassi, Director of the World Climate Research Programme of the World Meteorological Organization. This panel identified some important recommendations emerging from the papers that were presented and the intensive discussions that followed. Those recommendations are summarized as follows:

  • Form new working groups involving young scientists on tropospheric/ stratospheric exchange and stratospheric-mesospheric-lower thermosphere exchange.
  • Form an Assessment Group under one or more ICSU agencies to monitor all of the issues related to exchange and long term trend analysis. Data from southern Asian countries are likely to play a key role and a regional assessment group should be formed.
  • Model the effects of anthropogenic and solar forcing on the middle atmosphere.
  • Monitor and analyze climate change in the middle atmosphere using such parameters as polar stratospheric and mesospheric clouds, water vapor, temperature, ionization density, and tropospheric heights.
  • Because of its success, continue the LT-ACT workshops as a series to be held every 2 to 3 years.

(Edited from a report provided by Dr. Gufran Beig, Workshop Convener).

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