How to Apply for IAGA Co-Sponsorship of Meetings and Workshops

It is expected that, generally, applications will be submitted about a year before the date of a meeting. The EC will evaluate and decide on the received proposals twice a year in June and December, with deadlines for submission being end of May and November. The following list summarises the information required in support of an application.

  1. Name of meeting, primary sponsors and other known co-sponsors.
  2. Venue and dates.
  3. Scientific focus of and objectives of the proposed meeting, and its relationship with IAGA.
  4. Estimated number of participants, abstracts and sessions.
  5. Level of support requested (in US dollars) and how the money will be used.
  6. Additional information may be provided if appropriate, such as timeliness, the history of the meeting if it is one of a series, the expected number of national, regional and international participants, considerations given to the needs of young, disadvantaged, or under-represented scientists.
  7. Name and address of the person submitting the application and names and addresses of others on the Local Organising Committee.

Additionally, the meeting organisers are required to submit a short report within two weeks after the date of the meeting.

Applications should be submitted to the Secretary-General.

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