Early Career Award


In Toulouse in 2005, the IAGA Executive Committee (EC) decided to establish an IAGA Young Scientist Presentation Award for outstanding presentations by young scientists at topical meetings. During its meeting in 2012, the EC decided to rename the award the IAGA Young Scientist Award. In 2020, the EC decided to remove the criterion of age and to rename the award the IAGA Early Career Award. The award aims to recognize, motivate, and acknowledge excellent and promising young scientists, whose research, presentation, and overall performance at the topical meeting meet high international standards and represent big potential for the future of IAGA.

The award consists of support to participate in the next IAGA Assembly.


Nominees for the award must have presented their research at a topical, IAGA-sponsored meeting. The presentation should be exceptional by international standards, so a nomination from every meeting is not expected. (IAGA News 43, 2006).

The nominee should satisfy the following criterion by December 31, of the year when the topical meeting was held:

  • be an undergraduate or postgraduate (Masters/PhD) student or have received her/his highest degree qualification (e.g., BSc, MSc, PhD) within the last two years.


  1. Nominations are made by the Local Organising Committee of a topical meeting sponsored by IAGA. Guidelines for nomination
  2. Decisions are made by the IAGA Executive Committee, typically for 4 to 5 recipients of the award at an upcoming IAGA Assembly.

Recipients of the IAGA Early Career Award

Name Country Year of Award Report
Bram Vaes Netherlands 2023 IAGA News 60
Miroslav Hanzelka Czech Republic 2023 IAGA News 60
Man Hua China 2021 IAGA News 58
Evgenii Shirokov Russia 2019 IAGA News 56
Kseniia Tlatova Russia 2019 IAGA News 56
Deepak Kumar Karan India 2019 IAGA News 56
Tomasz Gonet UK 2019 IAGA News 56
Emma Douma NZ 2017 IAGA News 54
Katarzyna Dudzisz PL 2017 IAGA News 54
Federico Gasperini USA 2017 IAGA News 54
Erin Dawkins UK 2015 IAGA News 52
Rémi Thiéblemont Germany 2015 IAGA News 52
Israel Silber Israel 2015 IAGA News 52
Maria Mendakiewicz Poland 2015 IAGA News 52
Henrique Aveiro USA 2013 IAGA News 50
Cristina Garcia-Lasanta Spain 2013 IAGA News 50
Laura Holt USA 2013 IAGA News 50
Ilya Kuzichev Russia 2013 IAGA News 50
Zhipeng Ren China 2013 IAGA News 50
Eva Macusova Czech Republic 2011 IAGA News 48
Gilda Currenti Italy 2011 IAGA News 48
Joanna Roszkowska-Remin Poland 2011 IAGA News 48
Klaus Reuter Germany 2011 IAGA News 48
Annika Seppälä Finland 2011 IAGA News 48
Mark Golkowski USA 2009 IAGA News 46
Angel Carrancho Alonso Spain 2009 IAGA News 46
Andreas Baumgärtner Germany 2009 IAGA News 46
Madeeha Ashfaque Pakistan 2009 IAGA News 46
Zuzana Kratinova Czech Republic 2007 IAGA News 44
Tracy Moffat-Griffin UK 2007 IAGA News 44
Annika Seppälä Finland 2007 IAGA News 44
Anna Kanukhina Russia 2007 IAGA News 44

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