IAGA Long Service Award


Bill Stuart, while Chair of Division V, proposed the establishment of a 'long-service medal'. He suggested the award be made to those who had spent a lifetime devoted to observatory work (IAGA News 26, 1987), but the scope is now expanded to include any technical or managerial service. The IAGA Executive Committee (EC) agreed that up to four awards could be made at the 1989 assembly and up to two at subsequent assemblies (IAGA News 27, 1988). The first (four) awards were made at the Exeter Assembly in 1989 and were described as 'conveying recognition by the IAGA community of service to the global community extending over many years' (IAGA News 28, 1989).


The IAGA Long Service Award is aimed at honoring persons who are not directly involved in research and therefore are not recognized in the ways active scientists normally are. Examples are persons responsible for running geophysical observatories of various kinds, but also other kinds of technical, operational, or managerial service may be honored by this award. (IAGA News 44, 2007).


  1. Nominations are to be sent to the IAGA Secretary General and have to be supported by at least one IAGA officer. Guidelines for nomination
  2. Decisions are made by the IAGA Executive Committee.

Recipients of the IAGA Long Service Medal

Name Country Year of Award Report
Natalia Sergeyava Russia 2021 IAGA News 58
Martin Berg Norway 2019 IAGA News 56
Jean Rasson Belgium 2017 IAGA News 54
Hans-Joachim Linthe Germany 2015 IAGA News 52
John Riddick UK 2015 IAGA News 52
Evgeny Kharin Russia 2013 IAGA News 50
Michel Menvielle France 2013 IAGA News 50
Bengt Hultqvist Sweden 2011 IAGA News 48
Ole Rasmussen Denmark 2009 IAGA News 46
Toyohisa Kamei Japan 2007 IAGA News 44
Raghab Chandra Deka India 2005 IAGA News 42
Emil Pisara Slovakia 2000 Not recorded except in email correspondence
Veniamin Smirnov Russia 1995 IAGA News 34
Zhou Jinping China 1993 IAGA News 32
Walter Zander Germany 1993 IAGA News 32
Akos Wallner Hungary 1991 IAGA News 30
Anton Tlick Czechoslovakia 1991 IAGA News 30
Yoshiaki Mizuno Japan 1991 IAGA News 30
John B. Townshend USA 1989 IAGA News 28
Matti Kivinen Finland 1989 IAGA News 28
Daniel Gilbert France 1989 IAGA News 28
Steinar Berger Norway 1989 IAGA News 28
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