IAGA Honorary Members


The first reference to 'Honorary Members of IAGA' appears to be in the minutes of the IAGA EC meeting of 22-24 October 1980, as reported in IAGA News 19, 1980. The minutes state that the 'present list of Honorary Members of IAGA should be those previously known as Honorary Members of the EC'. At the Edinburgh Assembly, the past General Secretaries (L. Alldredge and J. Cardus) and four past Presidents (J. Coulomb, V. Laursen, M. Nicolet and T. Nagata) were proposed for honorary membership to the Conference of Delegates on 15 August 1981, and the nominations were approved (IAGA News 20, 1980). Note that the list of Honorary Members given in IAGA News 37, 1997 did not include M. Nicolet or V. Laursen.


  1. Nominations are made by the Executive Committee Members.
  2. The selection is made by the Executive Committee.
  3. The selected names are presented at the Conference of Delegates for approval.

List of Honorary Members of IAGA

Name Country Year of Award Report
Archana Bhattacharyya India 2019 IAGA News 56
Toshihiko Iyemori Japan 2019 IAGA News 56
Eigil Friis Christensen Denmark 2015 IAGA News 52
Michel Menvielle France 2015 IAGA News 52
Vaclav Bucha Czech Republic 2015 IAGA News 52
Masaru Kono Japan 2013 IAGA News 50
David J. Kerridge UK 2013 IAGA News 50
Charles Barton Australia 2013 IAGA News 50
Bengt Hultqvist Sweden 2013 IAGA News 50
Frank Lowes UK 2007 IAGA News 44
Michael Gadsden UK 1997 IAGA News 37
Christian Sucksdorff Finland 1993 IAGA News 32
Attia Ashour Egypt 1991 IAGA News 30
Juan G Roederer USA 1989 IAGA News 28
Naoshi Fukushima Japan 1989 IAGA News 28
Keith D. Cole Australia 1989 IAGA News 28
Valeria A Troitskaya USSR 1985 IAGA News 24
Takesi Nagata Japan 1981 IAGA News 20
Marcel Nicolet Belgium 1981 IAGA News 20
Viggo Laursen Denmark 1981 IAGA News 20
Jean Coulomb France 1981 IAGA News 20
Josep Oriol Cardus Spain 1981 IAGA News 20
Leroy R. Alldredge USA 1981 IAGA News 20


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