IAGA Glossary of terms

(Terms are defined formally in the Statutes; this glossary is included for convenience only and does not provide the formal definition of terms.)


An ordinary General Assembly, an extraordinary General Assembly, or a Scientific Assembly of IAGA.

(The) Association


(The) By-Laws

The By-Laws of IAGA.

Chief Delegate

The Delegate appointed by an IAGA National Body for the purpose of casting that countryґs vote(s) on administrative and financial matters and who has communicated his or her accreditation to the Secretary-General.

Component Bodies of IAGA

The Divisions and Interdivisional Bodies of IAGA.

Conference of Delegates

A formal meeting of Delegates and Chief Delegates of Member Countries, open to the public.


A scientist from a Member Country who is registered for an IAGA Assembly as a bona-fide scientific participant, or someone who has the agreement of the Secretary-General in consultation with the IAGA Executive Committee to attend and vote as a Delegate at a Conference of Delegates.

Early career Scientist

A scientist satisfying the following criterion by 31 December of the year when an Assembly is held: be an undergraduate or postgraduate (Masters/PhD) student or have received her/his highest degree qualification (e.g., BSc, MSc, PhD) within the last two years (N.B. where applicable, up to one year of parental leave time may be added per child).

Executive Committee

The committee elected by a Conference of Delegates to be responsible for IAGA affairs between Conferences of Delegates.

Extraordinary General Assembly

A General Assembly of IAGA called by the President in accordance with By-Law 5.

Finance Committee

The committee appointed by the Executive Committee to examine the accounts and report to a Conference of Delegates.

General Assembly (of IAGA)

An ordinary General Assembly or an extraordinary General Assembly of IAGA.

Honorary Member of IAGA

A person who has been voted the status of honorary member of the Association in recognition of outstanding contributions to the work of IAGA.


The International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy.

IAGA National Body

The body in a Member Country that is established by the body that adheres to IUGG to represent that country in IAGA activities.


The International Council for Science (previously called the International Council of Scientific Unions).


The International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics.

Member Country (of IAGA)

A country that adheres to IUGG and may, therefore, participate in IAGA activities. Paying Member Countries of IUGG, as defined in the IUGG statutes, are paying Member Countries of IAGA. Countries in Observer status or having Associate Membership of IUGG, as defined in the IUGG statutes, are non-paying Member Countries of IAGA.

National Correspondent (not mentioned in the Statutes)

The person to whom correspondence with the IAGA National Body of a Member Country is addressed; generally different from that Country’s Chief Delegate to an Assembly.

Nominating Committee

The committee appointed by the Executive Committee to provide to a conference of Delegates nominations for the Executive Committee (Chief Delegates may also make nominations).

Officers (of IAGA)

Members of the Executive Committee and chairs of Divisions and Interdivisional Bodies


The interval between the end of one ordinary General Assembly and the end of the next one.

Scientific Assembly (of IAGA)

An Assembly of IAGA normally held between General Assemblies.

(The) Statutes

The Statutes of IAGA.

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